The Arts are Key to Inspiring and Initiating Positive Change

A Key2Change production dedicated to those living with mental health, and those who love them through it. Original music and lyrics by Eric Lentz, Michael Bowerman, and Jeb Colwell. Music production, arrangement, and engineering by Josh Villanueva (courtesy Three8 Productions). Video editing and production by Rob Prytherch.
  • Vision: to inspire positive change through music, video, and dance
  • Mission: to raise awareness and support for the arts and provide guidance for aspiring artists.
  • Core belief: the arts are key to inspiring and initiating positive change

Organize. Strategize. Realize.

Event Production

Full-service event production, including scripting, creative, video, and graphics. Experienced in live and virtual events. Specialize in nonprofit fundraising events.

Music Production

Guidance and mentorship for aspiring songwriters. Full-service song production, including arranging, scoring, recording, mixing, and mastering.

Creative Production

Got a creative idea that needs to be actualized? We’ll work with you to organize your thoughts, strategize your dreams, and realize your creative goals.

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